I've had a pretty poor attitude lately. I've been struggling to see God in the mundane. Chasing fleeting things and getting wrapped up in time. There's never enough. 

Today, I reflected on the beautiful life God has given me. Despite my ungratefulness, He's surrounded me with so many sweet sweet things. Even if seemingly small, I want to rejoice. I find that it's easy for me to acknowledge and thank God for the larger parts of life- my husband, my church, but I tend to lose sight of God's graciousness towards me if I don't take time to count the smaller parts of my life and give thanks. 

Here is my thankfulness list:

1. My Chemex. Holy cow that thing is life changing. 

2. The world's cutest apartment (admittedly I struggle with wanting more in this area. Feeding into the lie that I HAVE to have a house with tons of natural light and subway tile in the kitchen or I'm not valuable). But our little 500 square foot apartment is home and I am grateful. 

3. The Curry's. LOVE this folky band. I've been listening to them on repeat at work this week. (s/o to Sarah who had them play at her wedding and thus commenced my obsession). 

4. My jobs. I have three, some people have zero or even a job they hate (again, an area of difficulty to be grateful when I'm support-based and often feel shame for not fitting in a box). But my jobs are sweet gifts, I actually love what I do. 

5. My body (never ever ever ever thought I'd say that). I'm able to run 5 miles pretty easily (physically). How crazy is that?! 

6. Community. Living life with people who know me and push me to know Jesus deeper. I'd say that's pretty cool. 

7. Lucky's Market aka my favorite grocery store. I wander aimlessly through those aisles on the reg and it's across the street from the aforementioned adorable apartment.  

8. Saturday mornings at Global Gallery. Vegan donuts + coffee + Jesus time. How sweet. 

9. This book. I've been studying this book in one of my small groups this summer and it's been so.helpful. in learning about emotions and how to walk in grace. 

10. Weeds that look like wildflowers. I've been seeing tiny blooms creep through the cracks of brick and stone and pavement. There is something especially beautiful about flowers that shouldn't be. 

There ya have it, folks. A small but necessary reminder of how God is blessing me even in the mundane. I'd love to hear the top 5 mundane things you're thankful for- post them in the comments below.