Reflections on the school year.

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I looked at my calendar today and saw APRIL 22?! How is this semester over?! My newsfeed is filled with celebratory end of finals posts and countdown until graduation timers, yet I don't think it fully registered that, for the most part, I've wrapped up year three of campus ministry.

I'm the reflective type (that's 90% of my blog posts), so here is what the Lord has graciously taught me in year 3 of ministry. Nothing earth-shattering. I'm just a slow-learner.

  1. Getting in the Word is E V E R Y T H I N G . You'd think I'd know this by now. Until this spring, I struggled to spend extended periods of time just reading Scripture. I struggled to be ok without journaling or listening to worship music. Now, I NEED to read chunks of Scripture. I need the Word more than anything. I relied on devotionals a lot, which in itself is not terrible, but I doubted my ability (or rather the Holy Spirit's ability) to reveal God's Word to me. I figured I wasn't smart enough or patient enough to let Scripture seep into my heart. I was wrong. I'm currently booking through 1 Kings and LOVING it.
  2. B O U N D A R I E S . I'm forever learning this, but ministry will teach you in a very real and intense way that if you don't have boundaries, you will suffer. I love personality tests, and according to Myers-Briggs, my ENFJ type has a real problem with not being the savior of the world. I feel the need to resolve every crisis, answer my phone whenever it rings, and basically wear a cape and fly around Columbus fighting bad guys. I continue to learn the hard way that I am not Jesus. He loves people far more than I ever could and because of that, I need to let my phone go to voicemail sometimes so people can dig deeper into their need for Jesus.
  3. Resolve dat conflict. All day err'day. I've done a lot of confessing this year and a lot of recognizing how deeply tangled my insecurities are. 95% of the time, my insecurities are the reason I have perceived conflict with people, but that doesn't mean I power through and ignore my emotions. I've had to open my mouth and confess that I let me insecurities affect my job. I've been met with a lot of grace, y'all.


I could keep writing, but in an effort to not overwhelm you with my issues, I'll wrap it up here. There is nothing like ministry to refine your character in a very real and tangible way.  This school year, I'm v thankful for Global Gallery, my husband, and God's grace.

What'd you guys learn this year? I'd love to hear!