Another post about me weeping in a coffee shop...

I’m overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by commitments. Overwhelmed by relationships. Overwhelmed by my iCal. Just overwhelmed. 

Today, I sat at my coffee shop (yes, I refer to Global Gallery as mine now) with my black coffee growing cold. I replied to emails, filled out google docs, answered texts that have been sitting in my messages for days (sorry if you were one of those people). If it weren't for the questionable substance on the tile beneath me, I would've curled up in the fetal position. 

As I was filling out my weekly management form for work, I realized, I haven’t spent solid time with Jesus in nearly two weeks. Ironically, it’s been nearly two weeks since I felt like I could breathe. Funny, no matter how many times I’m overwhelmed and no matter how many times Jesus comes through as the answer, I always forget to prioritize time in the Word to bring me rest. 

Side note: I get weirdly emotional around Good Friday and Easter. It’s like my body has it’s own calendar that knows to be fragile during this season. So if you see me randomly weeping leading up to Easter, know it's normal for me and I can usually be consoled with a donut. Conveniently though, our church talked about the Resurrection yesterday. 

So today, in the midst of anxiety, I folded my arms on the table and remembered this beautiful passage:  

“He is not here; for he has risen. Just as He said” [Matthew 28:6] 

That was enough. That passage changed everything. It changed everything for everyone all of eternity and it changed everything for me in that moment. I am so thankful. So thankful that my life rests in this truth and not my productivity. I would 5sure not be saved if my salvation and peace were dependent on my administration/google doc skills. I am thankful for the Resurrection, the hope, the peace, the eternal rest it brings. 

Maybe you're like me, overwhelmed and stretched. That's why I shared this story with you, because the amount of rest I found in those 3 words (He is Risen), gave me the breath I needed.


If you need me, I'll be frolicking through some weeds off of the Olentangy Trail. 

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