Growing Up & New Adventures

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I've been MIA this month. Not because I don't love this corner of the internet, but I've been swamped with transition. I haven't let my brain settle long enough to write. A sorry excuse, but my reality nonetheless.

I experienced sexual trauma in my past. In the midst of some of the worst years of pain, my heart started breaking for sexual violence and human-trafficking. I knew I wanted to play a role in pursuing voice for the voiceless, but I was overwhelmed by my own sin and brokenness.

A few weeks ago I announced my new role with a Columbus anti-human trafficking organization called She Has a Name. I am honored to join this team.

I spent a lot of my life believing I couldn't be used. I believed I wasn't gifted or talented or passionate enough to be used by God. Over the past few years it's been one of the greatest honors of my life to work for H2O Church. God has allowed me to see college students redeemed and restored. I've grown up a lot in my 3ish years in ministry. When I first started working with H2O, my job became a place of healing for me with the side bonus of getting to do ministry. If an opportunity to work with SHAN came along 3 years ago, I would not have been in a place to say yes. Now, the Lord has healed and restored me to a position where I can leap into this new adventure.

I want to encourage you, wherever you are. The passions and gifts God has put on your heart are valid and worth fighting for. Sometimes you have to wait. Sometimes we need to grow up a bit. That's ok. You don't have to be perfect to use your voice and fight injustice (believe me, I'm real broken), but sometimes we need to "cook" a little longer. We need to heal and dig into our own sin and trauma. Sometimes we need to be told no a few times and resolve some conflict. Sometimes we have to learn how to let go of control so God can grow us up a bit.

I hope you let yourself grow up. In my 3 years of "waiting," my heart never stopped hurting for those being trafficked. I never stopped thinking and praying that God would use me in this community. Looking back, my three years of ministry with H2O have been the most character-refining, growing, grace-filled years of my life. I am thankful that I get to continue being on the H2O staff team while saying "yes" to Jesus in this new area of ministry.

God is good, folks. Real good.