The first week of January I spent countless hours sipping on coffee and writing, praying, dreaming. I started working through my hurts/struggles from 2016 and transitioning them to goals in 2017. One of my goals is: Reading > Scrolling. Aka hang up and hang out or pick up my Bible for a change.

After 16 days of not exactly punching this goal in the face, I  wondered, "why did I set this goal?" Honestly, it sounded nice and spiritual. I'll admit most of my goals were/are very me-focused. Which is probably why the God goal went to the back burner. 

It's January 16 and I can genuinely say, I've scrolled far more than I've even looked at my Bible (judge free zone, people). So today, I prayed. Why is it so important for me to pick up my purpleish, faded, torn up Bible? Why is it crucial that I stop refreshing my Instagram feed and start refreshing my soul?

The Word is everything.

My girl Ann Voskamp said, “The world needs more women who know how to do hard and holy things.” yes yes yes. Those poetic words fill my heart often. The world has a lot of epic Instagram-ers. I spend way too much time trying to be one of them. But when I really stop and think about it, actually pause and reflect, I want to be a woman who has Jesus’ words deep in her soul, fueling every interaction.

When Steve wakes my sleepy self up tomorrow, I'm not going to magically turn into a woman devoted to the Word. My Inst-obsession (ha! see what I did there?) isn't going to fade somewhere between REM cycles. I recognize this truth, so PRACTICALS. Every slightly type A personality's favorite word.

Here's my practical to accomplish Reading > Scrolling: Read the New Testament.

Admittedly the NT has become pretty cliche for me recently. I’d much rather camp out in the prophets and decipher the strange language of Ezra and Ezekiel. But I think this is exactly why I need to read through the New  Testament. I need to get back to the basics. Back to the heart of my faith. The Gospel. Jesus. His life. Who HE is. 

So I made a goal to read through the New Testament this year. It may not equal more time spent scrolling, but at least it’s a step. 


Yet another pic of me attempting a moody smile with coffee in hand.

Not pictured: Steve snapping this pic telling me he's cold and wants to go inside. He's a champ, guys.

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