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It's been awhile since I started my ethical/capsule wardrobe journey. I think it's high time for an update. (Read here for my first post about my wardrobe)

Back in June I started Project 333. Every three(ish) months I narrow my closet to 33 pieces and wear only those articles for the season. I try not to purchase any new clothing and work with what I have. Surprisingly, I still love living the capsule life. It's simplified my life and freed me from my temptation to shop constantly. Here're some tips in case you're interested in narrowing your wardrobe in 2017.

  1. This is less of a tip and more of a statement, but where you live matters. Living in the Midwest makes a difference in my capsule. It's no secret that I love my city. I love the seasons, I love how I can experience most parts of Creation in 365 days. However, as much as I love Ohio and it's endearing ability to go from subzero temperatures to  sweat like Bikram in a matter of hours, it can be difficult to plan a versatile wardrobe. I recommend layers. It's January, but I still have some tanktops in this season's capsule. Keep your zip code in mind when you're planning your capsule.
  2. Remove everything that isn't in this seasons wardrobe. Put it in a tub, don't look at it. It isn't an option for 3 months. Every few months I go through my dresser and my bin that holds off season clothing. I reorganize everything and hide anything that didn't make the cut.
  3. Plan. I get ideas from Pinterest and take note of styles I love as the season rolls on. By the time I'm ready to switch wardrobes, I'm usually able to decide if there are any items I need or items I didn't actually wear in last seasons capsule. For example, this winter, I really needed (or wanted) snow boots and a winter coat/parka. I kept my eyes open at thrift shops (where I scored a North Face parka for $40) and researched (LL Bean is made in the USA and has an unlimited day product guarantee), so when winter came, I was ready to add these items into my wardrobe without spending much money.
  4.  Utilize Poshmark and other resale stores (in Columbus I love Rag-O-Rama and Buffalo Exchange). If I'm looking for a black cardigan to finish my winter wardrobe, I sell/trade other clothing and put the earnings towards a new piece.
  5. Perfection isn't the point. I'll admit that my thrifting obsession doesn't stop when I'm in the middle of a capsule project. If I find a piece I love, I usually try to sell or trade another piece of clothing to purchase said item. The point is to take baby steps, simplify, remove distractions, and try something new. If you have 40 items in your capsule- great! It's a step! Celebrate that!
  6. Shop ethical. It's 100% changed everything about my life and my role in the abolitionist community.  It's no exaggeration when I say 95% of my wardrobe is thrifted. I try (imperfectly) to purchase everything second hand and if I absolutely cannot (shoes for example are hard for me to thrift because I have serious foot issues), I research all practices and ethics before purchasing. The money I save thrifting allows me to spend more on quality pieces that I can't find at a thrift store. Plus, my closet doesn't reflect sweat shops and slave labor.

My capsule wardrobe and shopping ethical simplified my life. I'm forced to be more creative, I better understand my "style" and I'm significantly less tempted to purchase obscene amounts of clothing. These are imperfect tips but maybe it gives you a small glimpse of a way to remove distractions this year. Give it a try! I'd love to hear/help on your journey to simplify your wardrobe and/or shop ethical!



This season's capsule! (S/O to Brittany for letting me steal her garment rack)

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