Per usual, I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop, black coffee to my right, praying, dreaming, writing. 

I’m a sucker for the new year. In reality, I understand there is no real difference when I flip the page of a calendar, but a new year, a new date, gives me hope. A new year gives me clarity, peace and assurance that I will not relive the previous year (which btw you couldn’t pay me to relive 2016).

The past several days I’ve spent a lot of time in this sweet corner of Columbus, dreaming and praying through 2017. What do I want this year to look like? What is going to be different? What went well in 2016? I’ve been using Lara Casey’s Make it Happen Power Sheets and I honestly cannot say enough good things about the words on these pages. Such intentional questions and organization makes my ENFJ heart pitter patter. I love that she gives me freedom to be imperfect and messy and letsbehonest, we all need freedom to be messy. 

One of my goals for 2017 is to commit and cultivate this blog. That being said- why? Why would I care so much about a measly few paragraphs that I hope to write weekly? Why is this cyber space so important to me?

I speak pretty vaguely about my past. I want to protect those involved and it truly doesn’t help me to relive some of the experiences that characterized the dark days of my life. However, those dark days, those painful spaces, are the reason I blog. I’ll spare you the gory details but I went through a season of my life where I felt like I had no voice. My words didn’t matter and were often used against me. I was abused and afraid. I lived in shame and confusion and ultimately silence. 

I’ve spent a lot of time in counseling regaining my voice after living through years of slavery and silence. I’ve said it before, I love to write. God has given me a deep love for language and communication. I’ve chosen this space to be my outlet for those words. This blog is where I use my voice, something I had to relearn after years of silence. 

So there you have it. I blog because I have a voice. It’s empowering to use this space to share my heart and tell you how broken I am but how good God is. I love this blog because it’s my way of walking in freedom every single time I hit the publish button. I truly feel honored that you read my blog. It reminds me that God has radically healed my life and given me a voice. 

Here’s to walking in freedom in 2017. 


Here's a pic from my recent road trip to New York with one of my besties. We had the best time exploring the city, taking tons of photos, and consuming way too much caffeine. Cheers to more spontaneous road trips!

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