Science & Social Media

I'm not a science person. I don't deal well with one solution to a problem. I love words. I love open-ended prompts and questions that have countless answers. These traits make it pretty difficult for me to relate to science (or math) which for the most part seems to be a question with a researched answer aka my nightmare.  But today, science.

I deduced (I think that's the right term. No judgement. I have a bachelor of arts, people):

Insecure people don't believe the best about others.

I don't believe the best about people; therefore, I'm insecure.

It's funny because I always think I'm over my insecurities. I tend to think I've arrived, that I've wrestled my way through my youthful insecurities and now I am so very wise. So very secure. But today, the same nasty lies and judgements taunted me as I scrolled through Instagram.

"She takes a lot of selfies. She must be conceited."

"Her pictures are so perfect. She must spend half her day editing photos."


Why can't someone love photography? Why can't someone post photos of themselves and enjoy the art of editing and creating? Why can't we express ourselves freely and openly? Why do I judge people for being pretty or posting creative captions?

Here's the truth, friends. I'm insecure and I care a lot about what you think. I think most of us do if we let ourselves admit it. But that's ok. It's ok that we aren't perfect. That we struggle with judging our friends' social media accounts. Shoot, I've even resisted liking my best friends' photos because I'm so insecure and threatened. That's not cool.

So friends, I want to start believing the best about people. I want to resist judgement and insecurity. Who's with me? Insecurities are lame and we're allowed to celebrate others without feeling threatened!



img_0236-jpg And yes, Alexa and I did use our 30 minutes of free time to drive to the perfect wintery forest and take 1000 pics at all different angles and lighting. Yes, we did use a photo-editing app. We love documenting adventures and art. And that's ok!