Capsule Wardrobe Update

IMG_5793 It's June 28th which means I've been living the minimalist wardrobe life for nearly a month!

First, can we just discuss how it's almost July? Where was I when June passed?

[[ QUICK RECAP: I narrowed my wardrobe down to 33 articles of clothing + shoes for 3 months. You can read about it here. ]]  

It's been a month of creating new outfits, re-wearing debatably unclean clothes, and most of all, it's been refreshing. So refreshing. Almost to an embarrassing point.

I didn't realize how much anxiety I had towards getting dressed, how much time it took me to pick out my clothes. I forgot about the endless cycle of discontentment even though I was regularly snatching hangers from my husband's side of the closet to hold my new purchases.

It's been refreshing to have a smaller closet with less stuff to distract me. It's been easier to get dressed and I haven't been nearly as tempted to swipe my credit card every time I wander into Target.

Aside from decluttering my wardrobe, another factor contributes to my stress-free closet. Ethical fashion. 

I spent the first 3 Wednesdays in June digging deeper into the issue of human trafficking with a Columbus organization called She Has a Name. Here I learned more about the atrocity of labor trafficking and sex trafficking. My passion for freedom coupled with my excitement for fashion has created somewhat of a new obsession with conscious shopping.

I've been researching how, where, and when my clothes were made. I find that SO MUCH of my closet is stocked with pieces most likely crafted under slave-labor conditions and in sweatshops. My heart breaks for men, women, and children who are manipulated into inhumane working conditions all so I can have a cheaper t-shirt to go with my cute boots.

Through researching, I've decided to be more conscious about my closet. I want to  research before I purchase any clothing and as much as I can, I want to try to thrift my clothes as to not continue the slavery cycle in my closet.

We'll see where this new conviction takes me, but for now, I'll continue wearing my 33 pieces of clothing and researching how my wardrobe can reflect freedom.

With love and coffee,