Contentment challenge update

IMG_5050.JPG Hello my friends,

Some of you know I've been participating in a version of Hannah Brencher's #contentmentchallenge. On January 1st I started my "no unnecessary purchases" journey. And a journey it has been. For nearly 3 months I've avoided all home decor, clothes, accessories, and unnecessary beauty products.

It's been the biggest pain and the biggest blessing.

On Sunday, Steve and I went on a walk through Clintonville (the best Columbus neighborhood in my opinion). He asked me, as he has for the past 3 months, how my challenge is going. I concluded that it was a let down. I thought that by the end of the challenge I'd be immaculately disciplined and within three magical months, I would be content and never want for another pair of shoes. Uh. Wrong.

Over the past 3 months, I've filled multiple carts on Amazon never to check out. I've wandered the Target dollar section a whole lot less, but that hasn't stopped me from longingly swooning over adorable Easter decor. Because my heart hasn't been radically transformed into one that wants to give away everything, I felt like I failed.

Today I spent time at my favorite Columbus coffee shop (Global Gallery) and processed through the past 3 months. As you can imagine, God did a lot more than I could have anticipated.

Here's what I've learned:

  1. I'm super broken. Like undeniably unbelievably broken.
  2. I depend on escapism. I want to be someone else so I use clothes and decor and "stuff" to create the illusion that I'm someone I'm not.
  3. I really love a good pair of boots. Especially, post-surgery.
  4. My priorities have shifted. I realized that I enjoy spending money on experiences more than I do things.
  5. I'm learning how to wander to God instead of wander to Target after hard days.
  6. I whine a lot. Like a lot a lot. Steve has heard these words at least 500 times over the past 3 months, "I JUST WANT TO GO TO OLD NAVY AND SPEND FIFTY BUCKS IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!?!"
  7. I can live without a lot of things.
  8. I've learned that each purchase is significant and has meaning. I think before I buy anything. I ask myself "What is the purpose of buying this item? Am I trying to fill a void or one up someone?"

I'm sure there's a thousand other things Jesus will teach me over the next several months post-Contentment Challenge, but for now, I'm wildly thankful for His grace and patience with me.

All the love,