A New Year, A New Adventure.

Just over two years ago, I was very sick. Splitting headaches, stomach cramps, anxiety and exhaustion ruled my life. I feared calories and avoiding them consumed my days. I lost my period for 18 months and my hair was so brittle, I couldn’t brush it regularly. My eating disorder started when I was 11. I believed my purpose in life was to be beautiful. I started counting calories, exercising, and purging before I could even wear makeup. Some seasons were better than others. I would go months without a “behavior,” but not a day passed where I didn’t think about the number on the scale or the tag inside my jeans. My eating disorder stole nearly a decade of my life. Finally, by the grace of God and with the help of my campus church, I entered recovery. After months of doctor visits and dietician appointments, my health slowly restored.

Unsurprisingly, I lack a lot of nutrients thanks to years of trying to achieve society's beauty standards. I’m telling you my story because I think you’re valuable and your health is valuable. If you don’t have health, you can’t serve the Lord in the capacity you dream. I chose AdvoCare to help replenish some of those nutrients I lost during my decade of dieting. AdvoCare isn’t a weightless company; although, many use the products to achieve weight loss goals. AdvoCare is a health and nutrition company. I chose AdvoCare because my health is important. I don’t need to lose weight, I need protein, calcium, CARBOHYDRATES (a word I feared just two years ago) and even CALORIES.

My passion isn’t AdvoCare. My passion is Jesus, His grace, and the Gospel.  I chose to commit my life to full-time, campus ministry. I love pouring my heart into women wrestling with insecurity and doubt. His Gospel is everything. 

If AdvoCare isn’t my passion, why sell the products? Because without my health, I can’t love the students at Ohio State. Without my health, I’ll spend more time in the hospital than in my small group. I don’t want to waste any more precious time trying to lose just 3 more pounds. My goal is no longer beauty and size 0 jeans, my goal is to live with arms wide open; in order to know the Lord deeper and more intimately through my role as a missionary.

If you’re interested in AdvoCare, not because you want to lose weight, but because you need help getting your necessary vitamins and nutrients, contact me. If you think you may be struggling with disordered eating habits, I challenge you to open up to a pastor or mentor. You’re worth it, your health is worth it, the Lord’s mission for your life is worth it.

4/12 - 105lbs - living off of lettuce and vodka 12/14 - 125lbs - living off a nutritionist created meal plan and LOTS of laughter