"That" Girl.


Today I went shopping with one of my most precious friends, Alexa. Alexa is beautiful, talented, and one of "those girls." You know the kind. She's not only stunning, but incredibly sweet. She's one of those girls you wish you could hate, but you can't.

She's just great.

According to society, Alexa and I shouldn't be friends. In fact, we should hate each other. We should be in constant competition with each other. We should spend hours in front of the mirror trying to look the best, dress the best, and "win" this unspoken battle.

But instead, Alexa and I are close friends. We not only share the same birthday, but we share a deep love for Jesus and making Him known. We can spend hours together talking about everything from our mild Chaco's obsession to how we can pray for one another.

It's beautiful. Truly beautiful.

Movies like Mean Girls, Easy A, and even Grease promote a vicious competition between women. If I chose to follow Hollywood's rules for "girl world," I would miss out on doing life with one of my best friends. I would miss out on a friendship that models God's heart for me and has brought more joy to my life than I could possibly express.

The picture above shows Alexa posing with a mirror in one of the stores (where we may or may not have purchased matching headbands).The mirror says: "NEW. GET IT BEFORE SHE DOES." 

*We literally went back into the store so that I could take a picture of this ridiculous quote.

Ladies, don't miss out on life-giving, life-changing friendships because we like to compete with one another. Let's not let satan and his infiltration of the media hold us back from loving, supporting, and caring for one another. We all have struggles. Lots of them.

Other women aren't threats. Just because "that" girl has something you don't, doesn't mean you aren't beautiful, chosen, and valuable beyond words. We like depersonalizing one another; believing that because "that" girl is beautiful, she must be a heartbreaker. Or maybe because "that" girl has a 4.0, she thinks she's better than everyone else. I'm here to tell you that satan wants us to hate and compete with one another. He wants to steal God's glory and desire for us to experience precious friendships.

Beloved, let's fight for each other and fight for our friendships. We're already facing enough issues. instead of competing against each other, let's compete against the "girl world" rule book.

xo Whit