I'm allowed to not like purple.

For those of you who know my story, you know that the past year and a half has been a season of peeling away tightly strapped masks and rewriting my story. I spent most of my life living in shame and confusion and being whomever people needed. I hated myself and it reflected in my lack of identity.

Since watching my life spiral out of control so many months ago and finally surrendering my life to Jesus, I’ve gotten to know the real Whitney. But sometimes I still find myself wearing the masks that seemingly protect me from pain, vulnerability, and authenticity. 

Because of living a life of insecurity for so many years, I’m a notorious “over-agree-er” (yes, I made it up, don’t worry about it). 

This week, I told someone that my favorite color is purple. My favorite color ISN’T purple. In fact, I really don’t like purple that much. Seems insignificant, I know, but seriously, how often do we do this? How often do we agree with whatever someone else says out of insecurity?

Like we’re afraid that people will like us less because we don’t like purple or going out and we secretly think Lily Pulitzer is kind of tacky. 

Why are we so afraid to be ourselves? Why are we so afraid to scrape away the masks and admit to the quirks that the Lord uniquely wove into us? 

Ya know what, I actually like country music and I hate running. I’m done telling people I like it, I don’t. It sucks, but I hope to get to a place where I enjoy running again. I’m really not competitive and I think lasagna is gross. AND THAT’S OK. I’m not less of a person because I don’t enjoy purple. And you're not less of a person because you do like purple.

Friends, let's stop “over-agree-ing” and saying “yeah me too” to everything people say. Let's admit our quirks and let the real [insert name here] stand up (awkward reference, I couldn't help it). Let's destroy the insecurities that hold us back from living in freedom and resting in who the Lord created us to be. Let's embrace and flaunt our differences. You are precious and unique and chosen and your story, quirks, and uniqueness are worth knowing and loving. Let's throw those masks away because you know what? You're allowed to not like purple. 

I don’t like purple. I actually like mint green. It’s my favorite color. Purple reminds me of Barney. There I said it.


xo Whit