My Pot of Gold.

[Original post date: January 2014]


Roughly one year ago my office had a luncheon. Office luncheons in my world are typically characterized by: something vegan, something definitely not vegan, freezing cold classrooms, and “get to know your co-workers” ice breakers. Needless to say, I love luncheons. 

At this particular luncheon, our ice breaker was: “If you came across the end of a rainbow and discovered a pot of gold, for what would you cash in your gold?”

My coworkers and I scribbled our desires onto scrap paper and threw them into a bowl where we later proceeded to match each coworker with how he or she would spend his or her gold.

Honestly, I don’t remember how my coworkers would spend their gold. I’m sure there were European vacations, new homes, retirement, paid student loans, and I vaguely remember someone wanting to buy a farm (although I could have dreamed that). 

I do remember my pot-of-gold dream, though. 

“Pay off my student loans and go on staff with Great Commission Ministries.” 

Fast forward one year later. 

Last weekend, I sat in a freezing cold conference room, tearfully scribbling notes on my Great Commission Ministries MTD notebook. I was surrounded by 40 other college students who will commit the next season of their lives to missions all across the globe. 

Throughout the weekend I cried. A lot. I nearly had carpal tunnel from the pace at which I scribbled notes. I also made a lot of fake phone calls hoping to learn how to share my heart with others. It wasn’t until the end of my 30 hour weekend-long training session that I remembered my pot of gold.

My dreams were coming true, right before my eyes without a pot of gold in sight.  

The Lord has quite the sense of humor. When I anonymously admitted to my coworkers that I wanted to serve college students and share Jesus with campus, I didn’t acknowledge that the Lord heard me. He knew that several months would pass before I started taking my pot of gold dreams seriously. He knew that nearly 365 days after writing my wish that my wish would come true.

It looks a lot different than I imagined, but I am honored to have the opportunity to make Jesus known at Ohio State. God’s given me a desire to speak truth into the lies which enslave so many college students. I desire to see freedom at Ohio State. For college students to stop chasing their worth in devastating places, but to find their identity secure in a love that changed my life. 

People are important. People need to be heard. I’m not okay with the insecurities, anxieties, and fears that hinder college students from experiencing true life. 

Jesus hears your pot of gold dreams. He gave them to you. He loves you. You’re worth it. He’s worth it.