Sweet Truths + a sustainable fashion discount!


Life has been crazy lately. As it always is. I think we should all resolve to admit that each season of life tends to surprise us with how quickly our schedules fill.  

Most of you know that I work for an anti-human trafficking organization here in Columbus. On Thursday, October 19th, we hosted our largest event of the year. The weeks leading up to the event have been intense. Projects, meetings, deadlines, details (btw I am NOT detail-oriented AT ALL) flooded our calendars. I felt completely overwhelmed by the end of all of the planning and finally executing event. Bless Steve for dealing with me over the past few weeks. 

The night came and went and was absolutely beautiful. 250+ people attended the gala, supported anti-human trafficking efforts, and stepped into the abolition community. It was truly an incredible evening. At the end of the event, I had someone say to me, "I hope you reach your fundraising goal, you deserve it." 

I was struck by that phrase: “you deserve it.”

I spend a lot of my time trying to “deserve” things. I try to deserve my boss’s praise or deserve my friends' time. I try to deserve Instagram followers and financial support. Most problematic is my desire/belief/tendency to try to deserve God’s love. 

I have an unbiblical belief that if I do enough good things, not only will God love me, but He’ll give me what I want. 

I stumble between trying to do things perfectly so that God shows “favor” on me and not messing up so he doesn’t take away things I like. 

Oh friends, this is so so so counter-gospel.

The truth is, nothing can separate me from Christ’s love (Romans 8). But on top of that truth, Christ’s love is completely separate from His good gifts. Yes, he gives us sweet blessings, but not because we do good things. He gives us good things because He is gracious and kind and GOOD. 

I could attend church every day for a month, serve double-time each week, mentor 32423 college students, flawlessly love on survivors of human trafficking, and never once get mad, angry, or resentful, yet I still would not deserve Christ’s love OR his good gifts. 

His love for us is never deserved. It’s only ever gifted. 

And when he decides to lavishly bless us, we don’t deserve that either. Never. Anything good in my life is because God is good and gracious. 

We never graduate from the Gospel, friends. We always need reminded of how broken we are, yet how good God is. I hope you know how loved you are. Regardless of your performance.  


Speaking of undeserved, I partnered with JORD Watches to offer a sweet giveaway to all my friends. 

I’m not a watch person. I’ve never found one that suits me quite right. Every watch I try is either too swanky for my very vintage-esque style or doesn’t look quite right with my love for wearing black and brown together. 

JORD watches are made sustainably from discarded furniture which to me, makes them 10x cooler. And if you know me, sustainable fashion is kind of my thing. 

My watch is the Frankie in Dark Sandalwood and Smoke. I love it paired with fall flannels + denim.  


I’ve been sporting this piece for about a week now and I’ve had multiple people ask me about it. I think it speaks to it’s uniqueness and craftsmanship. 

JORD has incredible men’s and women’s watches. I must say, my hubs is super jealous. He actually snagged this discount code to drop a not so subtle hint for his Christmas gift.

I’m excited to announce that JORD is offering discounts to my awesome friendsI Every person who enters their information will instantly be emailed with exclusive early access to a 25% off holiday discount! Holla! Get that Christmas shopping DONE. Click here for your discount!